The Market Timing Report Special 2020 Presentation

In this time critical presentation, you will learn:

✅ HOW TO FORECAST Market Crises!

✅ Know why the markets have crashed

✅ Understand the cycles behind Corona Virus.

✅ Learn some of the best trading techniques

✅ Also know why gold is at a tipping point

✅ Know how the smart money uses legal inside information to predict which market is going to move next.

✅ Whistle stop tour of 30 years of research and forecasting tips!


Andrew Pancholi is one of the best Cycles Analysts in the world. He is the creator of the highly acclaimed Market Timing Report, which forewarned people of the 2020 Crash based on the 90 year cycle and precisely timed the market top in his letter.
His work foretold of the 2000 equity highs, the 2007/8 Global Financial Crisis as well as the commodity booms of 2008 and 2010.

These are just a few of his calls:

⚡️Andrew’s report has called every major turn in the S&P500 since the commencement of its publication in 2014.

● He also specialises in geopolitical forecasting, Andrew and his team have made significant progress in long range forecasting of Space Weather, solar flares and CMEs as well as earthquake prediction.

● He consults to some of the largest banks and institutions in the world as well as advising government bodies. Last year he personally briefed former British Prime Minister David Cameron having worked with him previously.

● He continues to serve his nation with certain government agencies as well as the armed forces receiving this powerful information.

● Andrew’s research was formally recognised and two years ago he was appointed to the board of The Foundation for the Study of Cycles. This was originally established by the US Presidency in the 1940s, to see if depressions could be forecast, and therefore avoided.

His work has proven that downturns can definitely be forecast.

● Andrew has authored & co-authored many books including Zero Hour and The Lost Coffee Courses of WD Gann, as well as being a regular contributor to FXStreet, Traders World and has appeared on numerous media stations including Real Vision.

● He has some strong views about what's coming up next both financially and for the world as a whole.

 Knowing ahead of time what’s coming, when it’s coming, and why it’s coming will give you a significant advantage.