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2024 Special Year-Ahead Edition of
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2023 was a year where many amateur traders’ hopes dreams and ambitions were laid to rest.

What I found most entertaining was that entering the year, every single talking head and financial guru was bearish. All the self-proclaimed financial experts were forecasting deep pullbacks in the S&P500, recessions, currency collapse, macro doom and gloom.

Sentiment was extremely bearish.

What made it particularly interesting for me was the fact that all the subscribers of The Market Timing Report knew that 2023 was a bullish year. More importantly, I already pointed out that it would be a bumpy ride.

If you read the 2023 Year Ahead Edition of The Market Timing Report, you would have been forewarned about:

· The escalation of the war in Ukraine

· The cycle threat to The Middle East and how this would replicate the OPEC oil crisis.

· The S&P500’s bull run ending the year up 25% (outperforming almost all of the “investment experts” and stock pickers)

· How time cycles were forecasting a financial panic – this played out with the Silicon Valley Bank Crisis

· The “flight to quality” that caused Gold to rally through 2023 as people scrambled to safeguard their assets as well as the threat from CBDCs

· The Israel-Palestine conflict

· How the USA continues down the path towards Civil War

One of the most important takeaways from this is: Joe Public is almost always wrong. Financial gurus only parrot consensus trades & have no significant edge or alpha. If there is widespread sentiment about something, the market will almost always punish you by going the opposite way.

You need to form your own theses about trading and investing, learn how to manage risk and use a system to consistently extract profit from markets – whether we’re in a bull, bear, recession or sideways.

Now, my job is to prepare you for 2024.

So, what lies ahead?

In the 2024 Year Ahead Edition of The Market Timing Report, I’ll lay out my theses for what’s down the road in this year:

So for a limited time only, I have made the 2024 Year Ahead edition available for you. The link to purchase the report is below. The price is $149. This is a one off purchase with no contracts or obligations.

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