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Let me start by saying that if you're on this page right now, you have a MASSIVE opportunity in front of you that most people would do anything to have.  Take a second and think back to 2007 when the U.S. market crashed causing a global financial crisis.  If you've ever seen the movie The Big Short, you'll know that there were a handful of people that predicted the collapse well in advance.  Because they knew what was coming, they were able to put themselves in a position to profit massively.

While I'm not saying that what's about to unfold between mid July and end of October 2017 is going to be of the same magnitude, I can tell you that our analysis VERY strongly suggests that a sizable market reversal is coming (potentially starting on July 14th). We have been accurately analyzing the market for over 30 years, and our proprietary system has helped people make millions of dollars by knowing when the market is going to change.

How does this help you?  Well, the reversal hasn't happened yet (as of July 10th 2017), so you have the opportunity to put yourself in a position to profit from this market reversal just like the big firms who shorted the housing market in 2007.

The video above gives a brief overview of what the market timing report is.  Below this paragraph is what just a few of our clients have to say about the report.  If you have ANY desire to profit from the market and this mega-cycle (it doesn't matter if you're an experienced trader or not), order the July 2017 report now and read it in full.  It will explain exactly where the market is and where it's going.

Lastly, if you are wondering how often we've been able to accurately predict market changes in advance, head over to our ‘Track Record' page and you'll see that our methods absolutely get accurate results.

“I've known Andrew for a number of years.  He knows cycles better than anybody I've ever met, and I've studied cycles all my life”
Harry S Dent

Renowned Forecaster and New York Times Best Selling Author

“I believe you get what you pay for and you have a superior product.There are others that try to do what you do but they miss the target so many times. This is as good as it gets for analysis.”
Chris Fletchall

Hedger and Trader, USA

“Andrew Pancholi’s Market Timing Report is consistently the most accurate cycles forecast there is for traders of major markets”
Peter Temple

Futurist - Speaker - Cycles Expert, World Cycles Institute

We have been using the Market Timing Report and consulting with Cycles Analysis for many years now. The information and time cycles published are absolutely invaluable to our success and we would recommend these services to any serious investor. The MTR is the most progressive way to make informed choices on how to position yourself even in the most volatile markets that we have seen over the past decade. The private consultancy service really gives us the edge in other markets.

City Of London Markets

Daniel Malsbury

Trader, City Of London Markets

I have subscribed to many newsletters over the years and by far this is the best. The reasons are the combination of these 3 factors. 1) Its concise. Typically, under 18 to 25 pages covering many markets with predictions cleanly laid out segmented nicely so you can access and review the information quickly. 2) Its accountable. In each issue, he goes over the last issues predictions, to demonstrate the accuracy. It’s sort of a “backtest” of the plan so you will become more confident and comfortable with his predictions 3) He tells you how he does it.  He will show you the trendlines, pivots, and other cycle concepts as well as pitchforks, how they are drawn and why they are drawn, so that you can understand a bit of how he does it, and also this builds your confidence in his predictions. These 3 factors when combined offer a very unique value that is sincere and able to be applied by the trader. Accuracy is important, of course, but building your internal confidence every month is critical as well. This is the reason why this newsletter is by far the best I have ever encountered.
Jeff Rapaport