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How to know WHEN the Markets are likely to change

direction without having to learn confusing techniques

Market Timing – The Key To Success

Talking television heads & “investment gurus” say that markets cannot be timed.

But take a look at this chart of the S&P 500 below: Below the chart are spikes. These are not volume. You can see that when they peak, the market changes trend. See how it has happened in the past. The arrows show you where the histograms peak and see how the market turns! But most importantly we can see likely FUTURE TURNING POINTS. These histograms are derived from The Market Timing Report System. They work in different time frames. In the chart above you can see where the longer term turns are likely to the place. Below you can see where these can be fine tuned into daily turning points. Again see how the tall spikes in histograms – circled in green – pick out daily turns – circles in red. This time you will see two rows of histograms. These are two different predictive cycle sets. These highlight some of the short term ‘daily' turning points. In fact this system has highlighted all these turns in the S&P500 Index. One of the biggest challenges you face as a trader or portfolio manager is knowing when to enter or exit a trade or campaign. You get out too soon and miss out on profits. You stay in too late and see your profits evaporate. How different would your financial situation be if you could time markets? If you knew well in advance that a trend was likely to start or end, would that be useful information for you? How could market timing greatly improve your present trading system? Using cycles, we time markets well in advance. Our Profit Finding Oracle system, highlights time periods when high probability trend changes can occur. We also use our timeline, that highlights market moves, weeks, months and even years in advance. We have only provided this information to major hedge funds, banks and institutions. However so many of you have heard about the accuracy and have contacted us.   Hence we decided to launch the Market Timing Report. The Report  Focusses on S&P 500, Crude Oil, Gold, EUR, Dollar Index  Is published monthly  Provides high probability turn points and probability information  Is derived from the Cycles Analysis “Profit Finding Oracle” Program  Based on seasonality, cycles and other proprietary methods
“I've known Andrew for a number of years.  He knows cycles better than anybody I've ever met, and I've studied cycles all my life”
Harry S Dent

Renowned Forecaster and New York Times Best Selling Author

“I believe you get what you pay for and you have a superior product.There are others that try to do what you do but they miss the target so many times. This is as good as it gets for analysis.”
Chris Fletchall

Hedger and Trader, USA

“Andrew Pancholi’s Market Timing Report is consistently the most accurate cycles forecast there is for traders of major markets”
Peter Temple

Futurist - Speaker - Cycles Expert, World Cycles Institute

We have been using the Market Timing Report and consulting with Cycles Analysis for many years now. The information and time cycles published are absolutely invaluable to our success and we would recommend these services to any serious investor. The MTR is the most progressive way to make informed choices on how to position yourself even in the most volatile markets that we have seen over the past decade. The private consultancy service really gives us the edge in other markets.

City Of London Markets

Daniel Malsbury

Trader, City Of London Markets

I have subscribed to many newsletters over the years and by far this is the best. The reasons are the combination of these 3 factors. 1) Its concise. Typically, under 18 to 25 pages covering many markets with predictions cleanly laid out segmented nicely so you can access and review the information quickly. 2) Its accountable. In each issue, he goes over the last issues predictions, to demonstrate the accuracy. It’s sort of a “backtest” of the plan so you will become more confident and comfortable with his predictions 3) He tells you how he does it.  He will show you the trendlines, pivots, and other cycle concepts as well as pitchforks, how they are drawn and why they are drawn, so that you can understand a bit of how he does it, and also this builds your confidence in his predictions. These 3 factors when combined offer a very unique value that is sincere and able to be applied by the trader. Accuracy is important, of course, but building your internal confidence every month is critical as well. This is the reason why this newsletter is by far the best I have ever encountered.
Jeff Rapaport


A word of warning. This report is not for everybody. It is NOT the Holy Grail. The most successful users of this report – from small private traders to multi billion dollar hedge fund managers –  all have one thing in common. They have their own trading systems. The Market Timing Report then gives them the edge. Without a system you will not know what to do with the valuable information derived from this monthly letter. And the most valuable information for you comes from “The Profit Finding Oracle” This provides you with high probability time windows when markets are likely to change direction. So, how exactly do you use this information? There are may ways. Several use it just to confirm the timing for their FUNDAMENTAL ideas. You may believe that something is about to happen but you are not sure when? A classic example of this was the collapse of the Euro. In our pilot edition of what is now ‘The Market Timing Report' we gave our readers the exact day of the high of the EURUSD market. Not only that we also gave you the price too! In fact we were so confident of the forthcoming event that we flew out from England to the USA for an emergency secret meeting. It took place on Good Friday 2014. Four people were at that meeting including one of the greatest names in the financial industry. They came in on the holiday especially to hear what we had to say. This is what we showed them.  
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Collapse of The Euro

The report had specific dates listed.
Date noted in red because its a major cycle

Date noted in red because its a major cycle.

This is what happened
Trade Forex For a Living

Cycle Clearly Identified Prior To Collapse of EURUSD

This is exactly what it did with the Euro. This report also gave you the EXACT cycle for the collapse of Oil.
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From The Market Timing Report Published 31st July 2014

And this is what happened.
Crude Oil Trading. Futures Trading

The Cycle Bringing In The High and Collapse of Crude Oil was Clearly shown in The Market Timing Report

The report focuses on ‘Market Timing' – ‘it does exactly what it says on the tin' !! The reason is that it is published once a month. This makes it difficult to provide price forecasts for the following weeks. HOWEVER, when we see something strong, We will tell you about it. On December 30th 2014 we published the January 2015 Edition of The Market Timing Report. We repeated one particular message for the next 7 months. WE TOLD OUR READERS THAT THE NASDAQ 100 INDEX WOULD MAKE A HIGH AT A PRICE OF 4737!  It traded at exactly 4737 on 4th November 2015 and then made a double top at 4739 on the 2nd December before collapsing! How many other publications give you an exact market high price 11 months in advance? Bye way we also forewarned readers of the impending collapse. The sign had be given! Did you get caught out in the massive sell off this January 2016? Oh, we also showed our readers how we calculated that exact price!  Speaking of such clandestine gatherings, I was invited by the legendary coach Tony Robbins to join a select group in South Beach Miami in 2008. With just over thirty in the room, this was one mega mastermind group! Some of the names I can mention included Billionaire Fund Manger Jim Rogers, Elliott Wave Master Bob Prechter, Economist and NY Times best selling author Harry Dent. James Dale Davidson, the publishing guru was also there together with a major money manager I am not at liberty to name! Suffice to say he manages the wealth of some very high profile folk as well as super rich Russians! These are the types of people who are interested in cycles. Of course, we have been supplying this information for years. But only to a few major players. People kept hearing about the accuracy and so we began to make this information available to the public in an affordable way. Less than two E Mini S&P points per month. No serious trader would baulk at this. ‘The Market Timing Report' is excellent when used in conjunction with ‘Commitment of Trader Data'. If you are not aware this provides a breakdown of positions held hedgers, large speculators and small speculators. Careful analysis will identify trends developing. But it cant tell you EXACTLY WHEN the move will occur. It just gives you a directional bias. This is where ‘The Market Timing Report' will give you the edge. The third way of using this is with technical analysis. Many of you use Fibonacci retracements. But how do you know which level is going to hold? Is it going to be the .382, the 50% the .618 or the .786? How often have you got out at a level only to see that you missed out on a ton of profit? How often have you stayed in too long, watched the market bounce and see your profits wiped out? We have all been there and done that. With the information in ‘The Market Timing Report' the timing cycle will help you fine tune the turn point. This will help you identify the correct level. One of our favourite tools is The Andrews Pitchfork. The Market Timing Report will strengthen the certainty of the lines and the dates of the directional changes. This helps enhance risk measurement! Take a look at this example.
The dates shown are from The Market Timing Report. They were provided on 1st December 2014. These provided perfect confirmation of the swings so we traded this with much coincidence. Note that on the 26th December the MTR highlighted another turn. That was a sign that the "upper parallel" would not quite be reached.

The dates shown are from The Market Timing Report. They were provided on 1st December 2014. These provided perfect confirmation of the swings so we traded this with much coincidence. Note that on the 26th December the MTR highlighted another turn. That was a sign that the “upper parallel” would not quite be reached.

Thank you Andrew for your fantastic publication. It has been a profitable addition to my trading and brings an added level of confidence when finding the turning points.
Rick Ludwig


Your service has been more than I could ask for so I am a very happy customer.
Shane Langham

Director, V8 Investments

Wow Andy I'm really impressed by this edition!  This is something I can apply to my 401K please keep the editions coming in!
Ricardo H


One word for The Market Timing Report, OUTSTANDING!!!!!!

The Market Timing Report really helps me for timing entry/exit to/from the market. 

I combine my price & timing analysis with the Market Timing Report and this makes our trading results outstanding.

The report is fantastic, very honest, very neat and very clear.

Sometimes we adjust the day of the turning date, -1day or +1day from the specific date, but overall it is +90% exact for the turning date.

Indrawijaya Rangkuti

Private Fund Manager

We can always raise our game by learning from the Masters. Jack Schwager's classic book “Market Wizards” is a definitive starting point. Legendary traders and fund managers such as Paul Tudor Jones, Ed Seykota, Jim Rogers and Richard Dennis of the Turtle traders share their secrets. A common theme can be seen. Many of these billionaires are trend followers. Trend following is one of the most profitable ways of making money. Michael Covel confirms this in his must read book “Trend Following, How Great Traders Make Millions in Up or Down Markets”. Most trend traders place stop losses above or below the previous swing highs or lows. They eventually get stopped out of the trend but in doing so give back a large part of their profits. Some trend traders place stops two swings back. This often helps you remain in the trend. But when the trend does eventually end a substantial amount of potential profit is LOST. The challenges with trend following revolve around identifying the beginning of a trend. You also need to know when it's going to end. Hence, the benefits of knowing when a trend is likely to change are massive. The Market Timing Report highlights when trends are risk, well in advance. This enables you to cash in profits before swings are taken out. If you are a portfolio manager you can hedge positions a lot more effectively. Of course, this information can also give you an advantage for trade and campaign ENTRY especially when combined with your own systems. Regardless of whether you are a fundamental trader or a technical trader, the timing of trade entry is absolutely critical to your profitability. After more than 20 years of research and study of cycles, our proprietary software generates turning points in different time frames. This is a complex process. The purpose of this monthly letter is to provide you with an overview of critical time zones when trend changes are highly likely. You do not need to worry about the complexity as we take care of this for you. For the most part trend changes are reversals but from time to time accelerations can occur.   We also combine this with seasonality – a powerful and commonly used system. We enhance this with out proprietary forecasting models. We are not infallible but do believe that this information, especially when combined with other techniques can give you a VERY SIGNIFICANT EDGE. This research looks at very many aspects of forecasting and we leave no stone unturned. Our super macro cycles will go back thousands of years, however more relevant economic cycles review events over the last centuries.   A simple example of this is shown by the 100 year cycle and its half cycle of 50 years. Historians amongst you – and be aware that most of the world’s greatest traders and fund managers have studied history, will be aware of the massive panic of 1857. This was the biggest economic meltdown in the modern world with both the USA and Europe being severely hit. The railroad boom just peaked, The Ohio Life Insurance and Trust in Cincinnati failed and down came the house of cards. Credit dried up overnight. A major depression kicked in. Well 50 years later credit suddenly dried and the economy went pop. The 1907 Rich Mans Panic was taking place. Hence it was easy to forecast the events of 2007. We presented this information in advance at a private seminar prior to the event. The “Global Financial Crisis” is now history. Warn your children and grandchildren about 2057! Of Course there is a little more to this and that is what we are here for. However, sometimes there are gifts to be had! Here is the US market almost to perfection!  
The 50 Year Cycle Replicated Pretty Much Perfectly ! 1987 was a replay of 1937. Compare the Two Patterns

The 50 Year Cycle Replicated Pretty Much Perfectly! 1987 was a replay of 1937. Compare the Two Patterns

So we distill macro events down to daily (and even hourly) cycles and are thus able to forecast probable time zones of change. The cycles are resolved into histograms and trend changes are possible where spikes occur. These histograms can forecast weeks months and years into the future. The cycles are resolved to different time frames and type sets as shown in the lower examples.
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Histogram Peaks Identify Turning Point Windows and Project Into The Future

Trading Wiki

Future Turn Points Projected Several Years Ahead

We can then this several stages further by by adding different layers which also help us identify when the the major and minor cycles align. This is shown below
Forex Trading

You can see three different layers of cycles underneath this chart. The red vertical line shows where they all align. This is where cycles are coinciding in three different time zones. There are peaks on all three histogram spikes. This suggests a major turn. Remember these cycles are forecast well in advance. You don't have to worry about interpreting these. We do that for you in The Market Timing Report.

Forex Trading Strategies. High Probability Trading Strategies.

Look at the lowest histogram line where the purple line is. You will see the market went from low to high between the two macro histogram spikes. These were known to us well in advance. We publish this is the letter. With this information we knew that we either had to protect our long position on the markets or exit!

Sometimes a turn comes in and there is no histogram spike. The answer to this is that is we use multiple cycle sets. This example from the S&P500 shows how all the turns were caught. There are two cycle sets and between them the daily swings were all identified.
Best Trading Strategies

Double Histogram Set Identifies All Daily Swings on S&P500

Finally the last part of our procedure looks at seasonal probability. Many millions and indeed billions are made using seasonality and we take advantage of this. When our proprietary cycles tie up coincide with seasonal turns we have very high probability set ups. Conversely, if we know that a seasonal turn is coming up yet we do not have any cycles coinciding, then there is a high probability that this will fail. This improves accuracy remarkably.
Seasonal Trading. Seasonality. Seasonal Trading Probability.

Our software system derives probabilities and where these are strong we will include them in the Market Timing Report. They need to be used with caution and the prevailing trend needs to be taken into account.

Once again we take account of all this in our letter.   We also look at daily statistical probabilities but these are less significant. HOWEVER, when these all come together, the odds are really on your side!

About The Market Timing Report and Andrew Pancholi

The Market Timing Report is published by Cycles Analysis Ltd. Andrew Pancholi and his team publish The Market Timing Report and other information.

Andrew Pancholi

All the output is derived from the proprietary software system that has been developed over many many years. Andrew consults to banks and institutions including some of the largest operations in the world. He is renowned for his expertise in cycles, not only in markets but also in Geopolitical events. Do contact us if you are interested in consultancy services. In 2015 he was invited by NYU London to present a TED X talk on recurring cycles not only in history and stock markets but also in personal lives. In October 2016 and 2017 Andrew spoke alongside Harry Dent, Lacey Hunt and George Gilder at the Irrational Economics Summits in Palm Beach and Nashville. In January 2017 Andrew was the subject of an in depth video, primarily for professional portfolio managers, with Real Vision Television. This covers the cycles coming into play in 2017 and how they impact equity, commodity and currency markets. Andrew is Co Author of the best selling book Zero Hour He is a regular contributor to Traders World Magazine. Several ‘A List' celebrities consult with him on the mathematics of ‘Life Cycles'. His background includes an extensive study in the works of W D Gann, Edward Dewey, Elliott Wave and many other cycles related subjects. A longstanding friendship developed with Nikki Jones and her family. They are the owners and custodians of the Gann material and he assisted them in verifying and cataloging the collection. He worked with Peter Pich in the 1990s, up until Peter's death. They developed the Ganntrader Software which, at the time was the most sophisticated program available. He spoke at seminars on Gann trading with Lambert Gann Educators across the USA and in the UK. In 2003 he was invited to speak to a group of traders about these techniques and Olga Morales then went on to lead this team. Andrew has also collaborated with Bill Meridian for over twenty years including spending time with him in the Middle East where Bill operated as a fund manager for one of the top three largest funds in the world. He also speaks about peak performance in trading and successfully manages his own account. During the years 2002 to 2006 returns were over 300% per year. After that he has taken time out with his team to program the entire system. As well as looking at markets, his team have made major advances earthquake prediction and long range meteorology or weather forecasting. He is also collaborating with W Bradstreet Stewart on the critical area of space weather forecasting – solar flares presently provide the greatest threat to our modern technologically driven planet. Andrew is also a Senior Training Captain flying wide bodied jets around the world.He has taken the rigourous safety disciplines used in flying aircraft and applied them to trading and risk. Pancholi uses these methods himself and has had success in trading competitions. Trading Competition 2011 Trading Competition 2012

In other words – he himself uses all the information in the The Market Timing Report!!!!

Join Him Now. Get The Edge In Your Trading World
I have been trading 26 years now commodities – indexes and volatility.
An essential part of being a successful trader in using the correct tools to give me a clear road map of the markets future moves.
I combine my market reading using Elliott Wave with Andrews key dates to identify very accurate turning points in individual
markets.This equals high confidence trades.I would recommend Andrews monthly news letter to anybody who is serious about trading.
Mark Crumblin

Professional Trader

I find The Market Timing Report to be very valuable. It just what i need to mix with my own work to help prove a great trade awaits . This work is is astonishingly accurate, like the S&P 500 on the 18th August and the bounce on the 26th August, those two call's are just two of many in the reports , Brilliant stuff, I have known Andy since the reports first started out and can tell you that he is a  genuine guy and and puts a lot of work into these reports. He understands that the report should work for you to maximize your account profits. That's the key for me! There is also a nice summary of the timing point dates for ease of access and much more. I'm very happy with the reports and recommend them thoroughly !
Tim Ryan


“I have never see any more accurate information than in The Market Timing Report, it is incredible. Without that it would be very difficult to get in at the right time in the market”
Meyer Wolstein

Trader, Investor and Entrepeneur