August 2023 Edition of The Market Timing Report

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The August 2023 Edition of the Market Timing Report is out now. Capitalize on this very rare opportunity.

August 2023 sees important cycles coming up and we give you the key turning point dates and price targets in the S&P500, Crude Oil, Gold, Dollar Index, EURUSD and GBTC.

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Welcome to the August 2023 Market Timing Report

In the August 2023 edition of the Market Timing Report we have a special interview with legendary trader and portfolio manager Jim Rogers.

Jim Roger’s insights on investment strategies that led to a 4200% gain in the Quantum Fund during 1973-1980.

Rogers discusses his views on cycles in the market and how he identifies investment opportunities without strictly relying on them.

Discover why Jim Rogers remains bullish on China, citing the nation’s historical resilience and recurring periods of greatness.

What is the geopolitical significance of China and its economic impact on the world stage in 2023?

What are the implications of China’s control over rare earth metals and the potential consequences this may have for the Western world?

Rogers offers his perspective on the United States’ economic and geopolitical position, discussing its debt levels and the potential challenges it may face.

We talk about the opportunities in agriculture & commodities, as Rogers highlights the challenges and potential for growth in the sector.

Find out what metal is catching Jim Rogers’ attention as a potential investment alternative (compared to gold).

Get Jim Rogers’ take on cryptocurrencies and their role in the current financial landscape.

Discover how global currency dynamics are changing, and what it could mean for the dominance of the U.S. dollar in the future.

We also look at potential crash cycles matching the 1987 pattern and how they could play out this month and also aligned with a significant other pattern.

And of course we provide you with all the key turning point dates in August for the S&P 500, Crude Oil, Gold, Dollar Index, EUR and Bitcoin.

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