February 2023 Edition of The Market Timing Report

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The February 2023 Edition of the Market Timing Report is out now. Capitalize on this very rare opportunity.

February 2023 sees important cycles coming up and we give you the key turning point dates and price targets in the S&P500, Crude Oil, Gold, Dollar Index, EURUSD and GBTC.

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S&P500 - Make or Break Point?

The S&P500 is at a make or break point – we examine the evidence.

There are some very important dates this February on the S&P500.

In the last edition of The Market Timing Report, readers had all the key dates for the S&P500 in January – as shown in the chart below – they were able to capture all the main turns on the S&P500

The February 2023 Edition of The Market Timing Report is out now.

We look at….

Find out more together with the key market turning point dates in the latest edition of The Market Timing Report – out now.

Is there any other organization that can give you the major turns a year in advance?

The MTR does!

Successful trading and investing is all about adding incremental gains.

Followers of The Market Timing Report have made significant gains with low risk using the time signals.

Back in November, the Market Timing Report forewarned of the collapse of oil and the equities markets just after Thanksgiving. This aligned with the discovery of the Omicron variant of the pandemic. Readers were alerted on the 1st November 2022.

In January readers were given the exact dates of the all time high and subsequent low on the S&P 500.

The Market Timing Report Trading Course even showed you exactly how to use the techniques to trade this effectively. There were huge gains with very minimal risk for those who took the set ups. Followers were alerted on the 3rd January 2022.

Readers are seeing war cycles play out exactly as forecast in the Market Timing Report Year Ahead Special – note how we gave you very precise time windows especially in the February 2022 report. February 24th was one of the key dates and this was the day that Russia has entered into the Ukraine.

And that was not all – there was – and will be much more!!

Come and join the many who have profited from the foresight of the Market Timing Report!

Andrew Pancholi's predictive work has been globally recognized and he sits on the Board of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles.

Following many requests, we are now including our proprietary histograms.

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