S&P500 Limit Down
Oil In Freefall 

The 90 Year Cycle is In

A Special Message From Andrew Pancholi


Date: 9th March, 2020

Right now the S&P500 March Futures are trading at 2819 Limit Down.

There are no bids to buy.

Whats next?

Are we approaching a pullback? Have we reached a price target?

This is what we are telling our readers.

The S&P500 is now at a critical level. As we write, trading is halted. Take a look at this chart below: 

The green line and blue circle is a critical target. Let's see if it holds.The time cycles will give us important clues.

A failure of this level could well take us to Target 2.

Crude Oil 

Oil collapsed and has just bounced off the lower parallel line circled in blue. The decline started on the 3rd of March, exactly as forecast in the latest Market Timing Report. We made these comments:

In our Year Ahead Edition (released on Jan 6th, 2020), this is what we briefed our readers:

This is the background to our current situation and our readers have been well forewarned. Many have used this valuable information not only to protect their assets but also to take full advantage.

The Year Ahead Report released in January also forewarned readers of the following cycles hitting the Australian All Ordinaries Index:

This is what has happened so far:

We are in critical times.

There is a lot more coming up ahead.

I will be keeping you briefed every month.

Not only were readers fully aware of the 90 Year Cycle coming in, back in late 2018 we forewarned them about the collapse of China as well as Iran, COVID19 and many other critical factors affecting the world's markets.

Our proprietary Profit Finding Oracle System is highly effective in forecasting market turning points, allowing you to be forewarned and therefore, forearmed.

You will also receive the 67 page 2020 Year Ahead edition of The Market Timing Report. This has all the turning points for the Australian markets as well as extensive commentary on what else is likely to unfold this year. I shall include a special report on Virus Cycles as well as why China is collapsing.

As many of you are aware, we also released our Market Timing Trading Course a few weeks ago. This standalone course puts together the best techniques I have found in 30 years and works very well with The Market Timing Report. It shows you how to use some of the techniques illustrated above. The course focuses on identifying trade setups, price targets and risk management, among other very valuable techniques. The aim of this is to make you completely self sufficient.

Given the current market situation, I would like you to benefit from this education and am discounting it heavily for a few days.

Here are 4 options:

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I believe this information and knowledge will help you to secure your own future.

Thrive whilst there is blood on the streets – just as wise men like Warren Buffet and the late Sir John Templeton do and did.

Keep Safe!

Yours sincerely