August 2023 Edition of The Market Timing Report

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Is Oil making a major low?

Our timing system suggests that we are at a very important pivot point.

Take a look at this chart.

Note this histogram spikes below the crude oil chart

This is not volume – it is our proprietary PFO system.

This identifies future market turn points.

Whenever we see a spike coming up we can expect a trend change – see the one to the right hand side.

Why? Because this is where a series of mathematical cycles come together.

You can see a strong spike right now – the actual date for this and other turn points are all in The Market Timing Report.

So how do we use this? As we approach these time windows we protect open trending positions and take profits.

This helps optimize risk and gives you a distinct edge.

We use a series of these cycle patterns to identify both long term and short term turning points.

Would this give you an edge to your trading or hedging system?

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