About Andrew Pancholi

Andrew Pancholi is the author of the highly acclaimed Market Timing Report & the creator of highly recommended trading courses.

His work is derived from many sources. He teaches the long term cycles used by WD Gann in The Market Timing Report Trading Course. These are the same cycles that predicted the 2020 top to the exact day.

He is also the co-author of the Lost Coffee Course of WD Gann. This book was created after Andrew was trusted with cataloging the entire works of WD Gann.

He co-authored Zero Hour with Harry Dent.

He is a board member for The Foundation For Study Of Cycles and consultant for institutional investors, multi-billion dollar hedge funds and big banks.

His work has been published in Traders World Magazine, FXStreet and Real Vision and together with NY Times Bestselling Author Harry S Dent Jr he co-authored The Zero Hour BookTurn The Greatest Political And Financial Upheaval In History To YOUR Advantage.

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