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What do I get in my 28-day trial?

You get access to The Market Timing Report risk free for 28 days.

Top Markets

Focuses on

– S&P 500

– Crude Oil

– Gold


– Dollar Index

– Bitcoin / GBTC

Always on time

We publish on the first trading day of the month, so you never miss out on dates.

Key dates are always mentioned prominently so that you can knock out quick wins.

Includes a report card about how the last month's cycles unfolded.


ALL the turning points

  • Provides high probability turn points
  • Highlights macro monthly and weekly points which are beneficial to investors
  • Highlights daily turning points which help shorter term position traders identify individual days when markets are likely to change trend

We demystify trends

  • Shows high probability seasonal set ups
  • Shows high probability directional move days
  • Is based on seasonality, cycles and other proprietary methods

Geopolitics and Editorials

We periodically look at geopolitical trends.

We also include editorials about historical cycles and how they will affect the month ahead.

No need to sit through a dull boring report – we provide actionable information with entertainment.

Easy to use

We provide tutorial information on how you can use the report – anyone can use it!

Get access to the same information that major institutional investors, banks and hedge funds use to trade.

Find out why the S&P moves up and down at certain times and not others.

Get the tools to forecast huge crashes, like the Global Financial Crisis, years before everyone else. 

Learn how to see things others can’t.

Join the inner circle.


How does the 28 day trial work?

We offer a 28-day no questions asked money back guarantee for all new subscribers. If you don't like the report, we don't take your money – period.

How often do you release the reports?

New reports are always released on the 1st or 2nd trading day of the month. The latest reports can always be found in your Members Area.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. There are no contracts or obligations. Only pure, actionable market data.

How do I contact support?

Drop us an email at