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“I've known Andrew for a number of years.  He knows cycles better than anybody I've ever met, and I've studied cycles all my life”

Harry S Dent

Renowned Forecaster and New York Times Best Selling Author

“I believe you get what you pay for and you have a superior product. There are others that try to do what you do but they miss the target so many times. This is as good as it gets for analysis.”

Chris Fletchall

Hedger and Trader, USA

“Andrew Pancholi’s Market Timing Report is consistently the most accurate cycles forecast there is for traders of major markets”

Peter Temple

Futurist - Speaker - Cycles Expert, World Cycles Institute

“I have been a follower of Andy’s cycle analytics for many years and I find them very helpful in positioning my portfolio in the markets. The 90 year cycle has been very important, especially given the longest bull market in history and the fact that the ‘elastic band of the markets’ was already very stretched, and Andy’s work enabled me to remain alert get mainly into cash before the markets turned. Knowing when cycles are likely to occur is essential trade decision assistance information and part of a balanced approach to the markets. Thanks for your knowledge and your great work Andy! “

John Morris

FX Blue

“I have followed Andy’s work for 18 months now and I am astounded by his knowledge of the markets, in particular the analysis of economic cycles. It has completely changed my outlook on trading for the better, from the analysis of the charts to the execution of the trade. I now use a combination of market cycles, chart geometry, Andrew’s Pitchforks and Commitment of Traders data. I feel that I have much more probability on my side, which is the aim of the game! The MTR Trading Course is the best and most executable system I have ever seen. I have made significant returns with safe risk management.”

Dr Richard Malloch

“Thank you for offering the MTR Trading Course and for providing the follow-up Q&A session. I have taken many trading courses over my trading career, and In my opinion, the MTR Trading Course is among the best that I have completed. More importantly, your course is reasonably priced which makes it the by far the best in value.

You are most exceptional in your ability to explain and teach the techniques found within the course. The course material is well organized and logically presented. It is obvious to me that teaching is one of your passions, and I am grateful that you have chosen to share your extensive knowledge. I am very happy that I made the purchase.”

Eric P

We have been using the Market Timing Report and consulting with Cycles Analysis for many years now. The information and time cycles published are absolutely invaluable to our success and we would recommend these services to any serious investor. The MTR is the most progressive way to make informed choices on how to position yourself even in the most volatile markets that we have seen over the past decade. The private consultancy service really gives us the edge in other markets.

City Of London Markets

Daniel Malsbury

Trader, City Of London Markets

I have subscribed to many newsletters over the years and by far this is the best. The reasons are the combination of these 3 factors. 1) Its concise. Typically, under 18 to 25 pages covering many markets with predictions cleanly laid out segmented nicely so you can access and review the information quickly. 2) Its accountable. In each issue, he goes over the last issues predictions, to demonstrate the accuracy. It’s sort of a “backtest” of the plan so you will become more confident and comfortable with his predictions 3) He tells you how he does it.  He will show you the trendlines, pivots, and other cycle concepts as well as pitchforks, how they are drawn and why they are drawn, so that you can understand a bit of how he does it, and also this builds your confidence in his predictions. These 3 factors when combined offer a very unique value that is sincere and able to be applied by the trader. Accuracy is important, of course, but building your internal confidence every month is critical as well. This is the reason why this newsletter is by far the best I have ever encountered.

Jeff Rapaport


Thank you Andrew for your fantastic publication. It has been a profitable addition to my trading and brings an added level of confidence when finding the turning points.
Rick Ludwig

Your service has been more than I could ask for so I am a very happy customer.

Shane Langham

Director, V8 Investments

Wow Andy I'm really impressed by this edition!  This is something I can apply to my 401K please keep the editions coming in!

Ricardo H


One word for The Market Timing Report, OUTSTANDING!!!!!!

The Market Timing Report really helps me for timing entry/exit to/from the market. 

I combine my price & timing analysis with the Market Timing Report and this makes our trading results outstanding.

The report is fantastic, very honest, very neat and very clear.

Sometimes we adjust the day of the turning date, -1day or +1day from the specific date, but overall it is +90% exact for the turning date.

Indrawijaya Rangkuti

Private Fund Manager

I have been trading 26 years now commodities – indexes and volatility.

 An essential part of being a successful trader in using the correct tools to give me a clear road map of the markets future moves.

I combine my market reading using Elliott Wave with Andrews key dates to identify very accurate turning points in individual markets.
This equals high confidence trades.
I would recommend Andrews monthly news letter to anybody who is serious about trading.
Mark Crumblin

Professional Trader

I find The Market Timing Report to be very valuable. It just what i need to mix with my own work to help prove a great trade awaits . This work is is astonishingly accurate, like the S&P 500 on the 18th August and the bounce on the 26th August, those two call's are just two of many in the reports , Brilliant stuff, I have known Andy since the reports first started out and can tell you that he is a  genuine guy and and puts a lot of work into these reports. He understands that the report should work for you to maximize your account profits. That's the key for me! There is also a nice summary of the timing point dates for ease of access and much more. I'm very happy with the reports and recommend them thoroughly!

Tim Ryan


“I have never see any more accurate information than in The Market Timing Report, it is incredible.

Without that it would be very difficult to get in at the right time in the market”

Meyer Wolstein

Trader, Investor and Entrepreneur

Thank you for the very helpful updates, without MTR I would be totally lost, as my broker is no help. One thing I might add is I sold 30year bonds at 183 and seems to be working for me. Thanks again and keep the info coming! I love it.

Merv Braun


Truly outstanding and quite helpful and informative in putting it all together so as to add to one's own analysis!!

Keep it coming, PLEASE!

Steven Shelton


This stuff has transformed my trading. My weekly profit has gone way over what I dreamed it to be over the last 3 weeks. You guys know your stuff! Thanks to you all!!

Dr Richard Malloch


“Thank you for introducing Andy Pancholi to us. his information has kept me so calm and i have watched those turning points roll in again and again. based on andys analysis i sold all my super shares to cash in late november. pretty happy about that decision now. enjoy your day!! 🙏


his goodness shines through loud and clear. what a beautiful man.


wonderful excuse to tinker in excel… i actually changed to cash earlier than i remembered”

Felicity Harris, AU


Andrew Pancholi closed the show. He started right off by telling everyone that we’ve officially entered the “Danger Zone!”

See, by now you should know that the markets aren’t at all random – in fact, they follow precise patterns of behavior that can be tracked years in advance. 

This is exactly what Andrew’s figured out how to do, using something that he calls his Market Timing Report. 

And, here’s the silver lining.

There are great opportunities to be had in this kind of environment. The problem that most investors run into is that they either get in too early and their accounts run out, or they get in too late and miss the boat entirely.

That’s where the Market Timing Report comes in.

- Economy & Markets

I am writing to express my genuine appreciation to your reliable and consistent Art of Cycle Analysis. Using MTR with a combination of technical indicators, MTR has been an indispensable tool in the trading arsenal to plan the trade and trade according to the plan. MTR – Truly must-have for all wanting to study Market Cycles! Thank you with passion!


I see similarities between you and W.D Gann.

The man was a genius.

Thank you for your insights.

Michael G

Andrew is prescient. I follow him.

Bradley Rotter

Investor & Entrepreneur