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How Market Timing Can Help You

On this page you will not only see the MTR track record but you will also see tips on how to use this information.

You will see extracts from the reports along with charts of the markets showing you the results.

DECEMBER 2014 Edition

This information was sent out on 1st December 2014.

This is what happened.

Trading Strategies

All Three Major Swings Of The Month Called To The Day

Whilst the report focuses on TIMING, if we see a good price set up, we will tell you about it.

In January 2015 WE TOLD READERS WHAT THE HIGH PRICE OF THE NASDAQ 100 would be. Eleven months later it traded there

TO THE TICK. AND WE SHOWED READERS HOW IT WAS DONE – as I said 11 months in advance! The Nasdaq 100 traded at 4737

on 4th November 2015 and again at 4739 on 2nd December 2015. HOW MANY Publications can give you the exact price 11 months in advance? Only the Market Timing Report! Here is how we did it. This is valuable information.

Nasdaq Futures, QQQs

How To Forecast The High On Nasdaq 100

A certain magazine is known for reverse sentiment on its covers being contrarian! Ironically it is named after what we do …….”TIME”

We are NOT contrarian!

We are not afraid to tell it how it is!

From September 2014 The Market Timing Report starting placing key dates on its cover.

Take a look at this!

Published 1 Sept 2014

Market Timing Strategies

This Is What Happened – Exact High Called More Than Three Weeks In Advance

Our October cover Published 1 Oct 2014 said

This is what happened

Usually when a sharp sell off occurs FEAR kicks in very rapidly. The average trader is expecting the market to go down even more. Using the MTR you already knew the previous swing high around September 22nd to 24th. If you had gone short there – based on your own system then you would have known – HAVING BEEN GIVEN THE NEXT DATES – that the position would either need protecting or  closing. Additionally – if your own system was suggesting a buy then these dates of Oct 16th to 17th 2014 would provide confirmation.

Hope Fear Greed, market Fear

Knowing when “The Blood On The Streets” May End

The November cover published 1 Nov 2014 said

This is what happened

C:\Users\Andrew\Documents\Market Analyst 7\Images\SP actual Nov 2014.png

Only a very small cycle move…… or was it?

Only America was immune take a look at Europe – a significant move leading to a bull run.

Timing the Dax, Dax Futures

The German Dax

In the December edition published 1 Dec 2014 the cover said

C:\Users\Andrew\Documents\Market Analyst 7\Images\Dec 2014 Actual.png

You may well be saying “well what about that high preceding it?”

Well that was covered within the letter

C:\Users\Andrew\Documents\Market Analyst 7\Images\Dec 2014 Full actual.png

Further down this page we will show you the technique we used to trade this information with

The January 2015 cover (published 1 Jan 2015) said

This is what happened – a day or two out this time! This MTR is not perfect! Yet!

C:\Users\Andrew\Documents\Market Analyst 7\Images\Jan 2015 Actual.png

Feb 2015 cover published 1st Feb 2015 – excuse the mugshot!

C:\Users\Andrew\Documents\Market Analyst 7\Images\Feb 2015 actual.png

The March SPECIAL EDITION – super cycles came in across all markets- published 1 Mar 2015.

We had been forewarning readers about these for several months. Just like present subscribers are being forewarned about the super cycles coming in in October 2017. There are more before then! We will keep you posted!

The report went into detail and here what happened.

C:\Users\Andrew\Documents\Market Analyst 7\Images\March 2015 Actual.png

Here is what happened



An EXACT LOW ON GOLD and a HIGH on the S&P500 came in

These were all forecast several months in advance as readers will have seen this first mentioned on the SEPTEMBER 2014 letter – SIX MONTHS in advance.

I am writing to express my genuine appreciation for your reliable and consistent art of cycle analysis using The Market Timing Report with a combination of technical indicators. The Market Timing Report is an indispensable tool in the trading arsenal. The Market Timing Report is a truly must-have for all wanting to study market cycles! Thank you with passion!

Erman T


I first met Andrew back in 2002, I've seen his work develop into a very powerful market timing system whereby he is able to call major highs and lows significantly in advance with great accuracy–often months (and years) ahead. Using his reports, I have achieved exceptional returns on our portfolios. I recently sold a successful company that provided Wealth Management to clients. As the managing director I helped many clients that have benefited from Andrews knowledge. Two trades already have personally produced myself 20% returns in a matter of days on each occasion and this is a small fraction of the successful trades Andrew has provided this year alone.

Daren Rose

CEO, LaingRose, Trust Planning & Wealth Management

The April Cover published 1st April 2015

This what happened

C:\Users\Andrew\Documents\Market Analyst 7\Images\April Actual 2.png

He second April date was out  – but note the other two circles on the major swings you would have

got as they were clearly in the report.

Moving on to May 2015 published 1st May 2015

Here is what happened – the top was nailed to the day

Market Forecasting

All Time High In S&P500 Forecast In Advance By The Market Timing Report

The other swings were caught in the letter as they are most months but the second cover turning point turned out to be really minor.

June Report published 1 June 2015

C:\Users\Andrew\Documents\Market Analyst 7\Images\June 2015 Actual.png

ANOTHER EXACT CALL and the small green circles show the other swings noted in the letter.

July 2015 published 1st July 2015

C:\Users\Andrew\Documents\Market Analyst 7\Images\July 2015 Actual.png

Another exact call!

AUGUST 2015 published 1st August 2015

Called for a top in the equity markets and a low in gold

It gave the exact date of the collapse – 18th August

S&P500 Swings, Swing Trading

The above went out on 1st August 2015 as did the following

Gold Cycles

Forecasting Gold Swings

The story continues with all the following terms being identified in advance. The date shown with arrows are listed on the report covers in advance. The date shown with circles our dates identified within the reports.

Here are some gems from the Market Timing Report revealing top trading tips

From the Oct 2014 Report

October sell off

From the Nov 2014 report

Space Travel, Virgin Galactic

From the Dec 2014 Report

Trading Secret. Gann Wheat Trade

S&P500 Forecast to The Tick

Pitchfork Trading, Long Range Weather Forecasting, Asian Tsunami

The Perfect Trade Set Up

From the Jan 2015 Report

From the Mar 2015 Report

From the Apr 2015 Report

From the May 2015 Report

From the June 2015 Report

From the Jul 2015 Report

From the August 2015 Report published 1st August 2015

Forecasting the Stock Market. Trading Tips. How to trade the SP500

Trading Andrew's Pitchforks Can Be Highly Profitable

“I've known Andy for a number of years. He knows cycles better than anybody I've ever met, and I've studies cycles all my life.  In fact, the thing I was most impressed with is that he's come up with a model that ends up having three levels of cycles that kind of have to come together for you to really see a change in trend, and this is the exact same thing I've learned in 30 years of studying cycles. It takes a combination of longer term factors, intermediate and short term to really capture cycles and to be able to forecast accurately. It's not enough to just look at one level of cycles. When I saw his model, I thought that's exactly the way a model should look. And, of course, most models don't look like that. There are very few people who understand cycles like Andy does.”

Harry S Dent Jnr

Renowned Forecaster and Economist. NY Times Best Selling Author as seen on CNN, CNBC , H S Dent Foundation

This is from the September Edition of the Market Timing Report, published 1st September 2015.

The price target forecast was hit exactly. From time to time we forewarn you about other markets. here we mentioned Sugar and Cocoa.

From the October Edition of The Market Timing Report published 1st October 2015

Trading Results

From The November Edition of The Market Timing Report published 1st November 2015

From time to time we alert you about geopolitical cycles – many of our “Big Player” Fund Managers find this information invaluable for their macro strategies. Read the comments.

Paris Attacks

Geopolitical Forecasting

Note the chilling comments about the attack on Paris. Regular readers had been forewarned several months earlier.

From the December Edition of The Market timing Report published 1st December 2015

Trading The Dollar Index, Currency futures

Dollar Index

From the cover of the January 2016 Market Timing Report Published 1st January 2016

olga morales, astrology for ganntraders

3pdh, Three Peaks and a domed house, George Lindsay.

Warning of Sell Off

Readers were warned about a severely overbought market PRIOR to the January 2016 sell off.

They were also warned about a significant move in Crude Oil

Low in oil ? Crude Futures

At the Market Timing Report we strive to identify turning points in advance. It enables us to provide you with critical information to protect your positions and or initiate campaigns. One of our affiliates recently went through our back issues and placed arrows on the dates we predicted on our front covers. The results are shown above. The circles are other turning points we listed in the reports. The vast majority of swings were identified by our Profit Finding Oracle System. Only one cover date has missed! Nevertheless we are striving to improve accuracy. We appreciate that this report is not for everyone! This really is for serious traders and professional fund managers. They all have one thing in common. They have their own systems and they use The Market Timing Report to give them an edge. This information works especially well when combined with Commitment of Traders Reports, Fibonacci retracements, Gann squares, etc. The use of an oscillator (we prefer the Williams %R) will also help to ascertain how strong a potential turning point may be. Exceptionally there can be accelerations on our turn points – again an oscillator will help identify this situation.

Swing trading the S&P500

The Market Timing Report Accurately Calls The S&P500