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They say markets cannot be timed.

But take a look at this chart of the S&P500 below:

Below the chart are spikes.

These are not volume bars.

Those spikes are our proprietary histograms.

You can see that when they peak, the market changes trend.

Most importantly, these spikes are known in advance and therefore we know future timing points.

Simply put, these histograms show us when the markets are about to turn!

How would your profitability increase if you knew when the markets were going to turn… days, weeks or even months in advance?

Andrew Pancholi's research at The Market Timing Report helps traders, investors, portfolio managers and hedge fund managers to gain significant advantages in the markets by knowing exactly when markets are about to change trend.

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Andrew's Work Has Been Featured On Prominent Financial Outlets and News Media

Who is this for?

One of the biggest challenges you face as a trader or portfolio manager is knowing when to enter or exit a trade or campaign.

You get out too soon and miss out on profits …or… you stay in too late and see your profits evaporate.

How different would your financial situation be if you could time markets?

If you knew well in advance that a trend was likely to start or end, would that information be valuable for your profitability & risk management?

✅ For the trader looking to sharpen their entry points

✅ For those who see limitations in technical analysis

✅ For the portfolio manager wanting an edge through market timing

✅ For anyone who believes that mathematical cycles repeat like clockwork

✅ It’s for the frustrated investor who keeps racking up loss after loss

✅ For the new traders who cut their winners short

✅ It’s for the investor confused by fundamental “stories”

✅ For swing traders struggling with over trading

✅ This is for anyone looking to take control of their retirement

Can markets really be forecast? You decide! Watch the video below to find out:


Andrew Pancholi is the author of the highly acclaimed Market Timing Report & the creator of highly recommended trading courses.

His work is derived from many sources. He teaches the long term cycles used by WD Gann in The Market Timing Report Trading Course. These are the same cycles that predicted the 2020 top to the exact day.

He is a board member for The Foundation For Study Of Cycles and consultant for institutional investors, multi-billion dollar hedge funds and big banks.

His work has been published in Traders World Magazine, FXStreet and Real Vision and together with NY Times Bestselling Author Harry S Dent Jr he co-authored The Zero Hour BookTurn The Greatest Political And Financial Upheaval In History To YOUR Advantage.


I have been a follower of Andy’s cycle analytics for many years and I find them very helpful in positioning my portfolio in the markets. The 90 year cycle has been very important, especially given the longest bull market in history and the fact that the ‘elastic band of the markets’ was already very stretched, and Andy’s work enabled me to remain alert and position strategically before the markets turned. Knowing when cycles are likely to occur is essential trade decision assistance information and part of a balanced approach to the markets. Thanks for your knowledge and your great work Andy

John Morris

FX Blue

I’ve known Andrew for a number of years. He knows cycles better than anybody I’ve ever met, and I’ve studied cycles all my life.

Harry S Dent

Renowned Forecaster and New York Times Best Selling Author

Andrew Pancholi’s Market Timing Report is consistently the most accurate cycles forecast there is for traders of major markets

Peter Temple

Futurist - Speaker - Cycles Expert, World Cycles Institute

I find The Market Timing Report to be very valuable. It just what i need to mix with my own work to help prove a great trade awaits . This work is is astonishingly accurate, like the S&P 500 on the 18th August and the bounce on the 26th August, those two call's are just two of many in the reports , Brilliant stuff, I have known Andy since the reports first started out and can tell you that he is a genuine guy and and puts a lot of work into these reports. He understands that the report should work for you to maximize your account profits. That's the key for me! There is also a nice summary of the timing point dates for ease of access and much more. I'm very happy with the reports and recommend them thoroughly!

Tim Ryan


Thank you for offering the MTR Trading Course and for providing the follow-up Q&A session. I have taken many trading courses over my trading career, and In my opinion, the MTR Trading Course is among the best that I have completed. More importantly, your course is reasonably priced which makes it the by far the best in value.
You are most exceptional in your ability to explain and teach the techniques found within the course. The course material is well organized and logically presented. It is obvious to me that teaching is one of your passions, and I am grateful that you have chosen to share your extensive knowledge. I am very happy that I made the purchase.

Eric P


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